Of Pandora

So I’m listening to my Pandora Radio…all I can say is *sigh* seriously its the greatest thing ever to hit the internet. I’m soooooo glad they didnt end up going under with all the stuff about loyalties and other disputs goin on. I have been introduced to so many new (to me) artists its just awesome.

I love Music. When I say “love” I don’t mean the fluffy, pink, sugar-coated, sticky sweet, gentle fondness felt for favourite toys or ice cream. I mean the eternal, engulfing, blinding, dangerous, white-hot passion that seems to have become almost dormant in most people alive today. Maybe a more accurate statement would be I live Music. I mean it, Music is the life-giving blood that pulses through my veins, it is the air I breathe, the water I drink, the nourishment I hunger for, and the strangely logical chaos that feeds my dreams. Each note is a tiny gem sparkling with every vibration that moves it through the air. The finest dark chocolate melting deliciously on your tongue is nothing compared to perfectly placed sharps, rests, and cresendos as they enter the inner ear.

I should probably clarify what I mean by Music and what I consider Beautiful.

mu·sic   /ˈmyuzɪk/
1.an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

Hmm…yeah that about covers it. I dont limit Music to one genre or even a few genres…it’s all Music. I will admit, Music can be done badly or even terribly, but that doesnt change its appeal or Beauty. As far as my definition of Beauty…well, I hold to the idea that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s artful masterpiece may be someone else’s idea of torture.

I think I’m going to end this sucker with a list of some of my favourite artists and favourite song by them.

Red-Breathe into me
P.O.D.-Youth of the Nation
Superchic(k)-Beauty from Pain
Plumb-In My Arms
Three Days Grace-Pain
Breaking Benjamin-Dear Agony
Seether-Rise Above This
Evanescence-Even in Death
Apocalyptica-I Don’t Care
Hollywood Undead-City
Linkin Park-Krwlng
Fort Minor-Where’d You Go
Owl City-Fireflies
Enya-The River Sings
Emiliana Torrini-Gollum’s Song
Epica-The Divine Conspiracy

Ummm…I think that should be sufficent to give you an idea of my tastes…if I continue I will never get anything done.
have fun checking out songs you might not know on my list 😛


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