Just Me

Okay….so above all, the number one thing you should know about me is that I am a freaking DORK!!!! Number two is that I am random as HELL…

To illustrate my point I will list several random facts…

I am afraid of the dark.

I love walking around cemetaries at night.

Thunderstorms excite me…yeah I said excite ūüėČ

I love the number 4…dunno why I just do

I check girls out on a regular basis.

I hate Diamonds and Gold

I caint talk..seriously…I trip over my tongue regularly…maybe it’s just that I talk so fast…

I’m a pretty private person…I’ll talk your ear off but it’s usually superficial crap…unless I’m interested in dating you…

I want a black mamba…for a pet…

I am easily startled.

I go on random hug raids…

I burst into song unexpectedly

I love the British spelling of words…ie. colour, metre, neighbour…etc.

I was named after the Murder She Wrote character Jessica Fletcher…

I am obsessed with aesthetics.

I love cleaning…I will clean anywhere BUT my own room…and I have to clean by myself…I DONT like having help…

I still don’t have my lisence…I’m working on it though

Dragonflies are my favourite insects.

I believe in Faeries.

I hate writing short essays…but I ADORE long ass research papers…hell I love research period…

Blood is my favourite colour.

My handwriting changes at least 4 times in the course of a paper.

I HATE wide ruled paper…ugh! College rule all the way bitch!

I love eyes…*sigh* those precious orbs of pure heaven…

I pick up random accents very easily!

I can take sermons dirty…yeah I’m special…

I REALLY get into my movies…I squeal, I cry, I swear at the screen…examples…I cried for the following movies…Underworld 3, Monsters Inc., Gran Torino, Awakenings, as well as many other random movies that normal ppl wouldn’t

Let’s see….how about my basic stats…I am a 22 yr old (well i will be in june anyway…yay gemini!) female. I am currently¬†a¬†Sophmore at¬†Union College, my current graduation date is slated for spring 2013….so 2012 better not be the end of the world…I will not be happy if it is…just sayin’. I’m working on a very unique degree it’s called International Rescue and Relief.¬† It is the most amazing degree ever! Here are some of the required courses: Swift Water Rescue tech., Skin and SCUBA diving, Dive Rescue, you spend a semester overseas, there is currently a group of students in Nicaragua, you spend two summer¬†months in the mountains of Colorado. Its just an amazing program. There are several different emphases, communications, pre med, some others and then mine…Paramedic!!!! My Goal is to eventually bcome a Paramedic Firefighter.

I was raised in a conservative Christian home. I was homeschooled from 5th grade until age 19 when I moved in with my Grandparents and got my GED on my own. I am the oldest of three crazy girls.

I have worked food service most of my career up to this point…I have three jobs trying to support myself and get through college, which would cost less if UC weren’t a private Christian college…oh well, its not my fault no other college has such a kool degree. (yes, I spell “cool” with a “k” what about it?)

I am ridiculusly ADD but I dont have the spare cash to visit the doc to get a prescription for meds…pathetic huh. Oh and the people I would ask for help think ADD is BS and wont accept that I cant help how random and not able to concentrate I am…talk about BS.

ok I caint think of anything else for right now so I guess I’ll just add more later if I need to. ūüėÄ


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