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New kid on the blog :P

Posted in Uncategorized on February 23, 2010 by questinginnocent

I figure my first post should be a little about what the world can expect to find in this small fold of cyberspace.

I am a student and I frequently have to write papers of various forms and styles, and occasionally I will genuinely enjoy what I have written and will post such examples of my supposed literary skill here.

I am also a poet at heart. I have tried keeping a notebook of my precious words, but being the disorganized dork that I am, I consistantly lose pieces, so I will be posting them here as a means of having a more retrievable record of such works.

As my username suggests I am still young and searching for my niche in life. As such I just might say something misinformed or seriously stupid. I beg your forgiveness ahead of time and thank you for setting me straight should you choose to do so. It is my goal in life never to stop learning and growing, I never want to become stagnant or closed minded so I welcome any and all comments and responses to my posts.

Thats it for this one…Here’s to a new experience in life’s crazy ride.